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Chloe Moretz was barely covered at the Neighbors 2 premiere

05.17.2016by: Droz

Chloe Moretz at the Neighbors 2 Premiere

I can't say if there was some secret inner garment or a pasties situation happening to prevent Chloe Moretz from doing a full on flash should even a slight gust of wind flow past her lacy dress at the NEIGHBORS 2 premiere. It looks a lot like she's pretty much unsupported here. Not that Chloe has much to support, but then they can't all have double D's now can they? I think most of us are quite content with what Chloe has happening on her person. What I am rather discontented with is all the hype over Chloe dating David Beckham's kid. Holy shit, it's like the most incredible news EVAR!!!! Really? With everything happening the world, these people just can't get over a couple of high school kids dating. It's utter nonsense so trifling I can't even work up the energy to be critical of it.

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