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Chloe Moretz shows as much leg as her tight shorts allow

08.08.2016by: No Cool Handle

For anyone who frequently reads these write-ups, you've probably recognized that I use a lot of idioms when speaking about the hottest ladies Hollywood has to offer – well here's another one: Play to your strengths. Something a blossoming babe like Chloe Moretz does every time she puts on a pair of those ultra-tight short shorts she loves to wear. Amongst a handful of other ocular delights, those awesome legs stand out; particularly the tasty Northern region we call thighs. While the photographer definitely got some nice shots of said stems, they missed out on the down blouse. In a few these pictures we see that many of her top buttons were left unattended but that damn purse strap is keeping her blouse from popping open any further. You could chalk this up to a missed opportunity; luckily Chloe's fashion choices are becoming bolder and more revealing. It's safe to assume there will be many a see-through and/or nip slip sets to come.

Source: Superior Pics


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