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Chloe Moretz sets brains on fire with her sultry eyes and plunging neckline

09.19.2016by: Droz

You may have heard the news about Chloe Moretz putting the kibosh on any roles she was previously signed up for, in order to reassess her direction as an actress and seemingly as a celebrity and human being. Some have taken this as a worrisome indication of where Chloe is mentally and emotionally with her career as an actress, perhaps thinking this is her initial move to get out of the biz entirely. I don't think this is the case at all. I envision this as Chloe perhaps not too keen on some of the choices she's made since clearing that child actor hurdle. One of those issues she has might be with this new movie, BRAIN ON FIRE. It's getting fairly shitty reviews from critics calling it a melodramatic movie of the week equivalent. I'm sure the hope from those involved in this movie was that the story of a young woman dealing with a crippling brain disorder would turn out to be successful Oscar bait for them, which might very well be the exact kind of thinking Chloe no longer wants any part of. Rather, she'd like to make films without the expectations of acclaim.

I'm fully on board with Chloe's change of mind here. This is the perfect time for her to decide what kind of actress she wants to be and it's refreshing to see someone deciding not to angle for attention over substance. My only concern is this whether Chloe's new emphasis on substance brings to an end her seeming penchant for the "look at my camel toe in these leggings" candid moments. Now that would be a terrible loss.

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