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Chloe Moretz raises pulses at The Trevor Project fundraiser

12.05.2016by: No Cool Handle

At the very young age of 19, Chloe Moretz already has the bearing of a striking woman, and after spending the past few months focusing on her lovely stems, it's nice to change things up with a photo set featuring Chloe's boobage. It wasn't only Ariel Winter who decided [that] The 2016 Trevor Project called for a plunging neckline and the absence of any sort of support (see Ariel's appearance), but it was Chloe who rememberd to tape things down. Otherwise, there was a decent chance we'd be discussing Ms. Moretz's first, true, nip slip. Alas, fate, and an industrial-strength strip of wardrobe adhesive kept everything in its place; what we're left with is some fairly sexy imagery, just not the fortuitous, accidental reveal one would hope for. Missed opportunity aside, if your Chloe Moretz fan, you'll be more than satisfied with the entrance she made – one more sexy outfit, ten more step closer to womanhood. It's stimulating to imagine where she'll go from here.

Source: Daily Mail


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