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Chloe Moretz pokies and booty shorts on her way to get inked

05.18.2016by: No Cool Handle

There's just some things you can't foresee, like starting the day off with pictures of Chloe Moretz's ass consuming the business end of a fire hydrant; an image that almost transcends being figurative -- it's a phallic-shaped tap (granted, a girthy one) on which she chose to sit. This blonde youngin' is growing bolder by the day, going out of door with her tight little ass hanging out the bottom of her booty shorts, the outline of her erect nipples in full view because of the conscious decision made to leave her bra in the dresser drawer, and on her way to get a tattoo God only knows where. Even at the tender age of 19 years old, she seems to be fully attuned to what it takes to stay relevant in our enlightened society. While I've never been the most ardent Chloe Moretz fan, I'll admit, she's definitely not boring.

Source: NSFW


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