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Chloe Moretz makes her hotness happen a little differently

01.20.2016by: Droz

I can't figure out what the theme is for some of the outfits Chloe Moretz has been wearing lately. What can you do? She's young, adventurous and popular. She's got the right to try out different things. Though somehow I think the band geek/mambo queen motif is going to struggle catching on in popular culture.

The somewhat more interesting news was the trailer for NEIGHBORS 2. Looks about the same as the last movie, with one significant difference in that it features Chloe as the new bad neighbor. I like the idea of her being the antagonist. This movie clearly isn't one to let her truly sink her teeth into such a role, but Chloe would make an excellent baddie in a heavier movie. I think about the intensity of her performance in that remake of LET THE RIGHT ONE IN. Just imagine her putting some of that intensity into a truly evil role. Up to now they've been content to think of Chloe as the protagonist, but her real moment to shine will be when someone figures out a way to let her go off as a truly cruel and screen devouring bad guy. I can't wait to see that.

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