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Chloe Moretz loves leggings almost as much as we love to see her in leggings

08.17.2016by: Droz

Seems like every day brings us a new example of Chloe Moretz wearing her seemingly favorite article of clothing. I can only assume she gets a kick out of walking around like this as she makes her way from a daily workout to the health food place for her power smoothie. I'm sure there are facilities there at her gym which would allow her to change into something more modest, if she was so inclined. But nah. She seems to like engaging with her public via paparazzi intermediates. And by engage, I mean show off that camel toe she frequently sports.

Of course that's just my interpretation of the situation. I can't believe she's trying to advertise to the douches you see there behind her in a few of these pics. Not while she's currently associated with David Beckham's kid. I doubt any random asshole can compete with such an up and coming young pussy hound. I prefer to think of Chloe's workout gear walks as a nice little tip of the hat to you and me. Much appreciated, Chloe.

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