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Chloe Moretz loves her legs as much as we do

10.20.2016by: No Cool Handle

And we do. As a matter of fact, there isn't much we don't love about Chloe Moretz. That being said, it's high time she starts showing some love for other parts of that youthful anatomy. How about a nice crop top to showcase that purdy midriff? A low-cut tank top displaying some cleavage? Mix it up, kid. Granted, those stems are f**king awesome, that's why we here are so quick to compulsively write about every appearance they make, but there's more to Chloe than that. If completely taking the attention off of them is too big of a first step, then show off some other shit together with those legs. Really give the fans something to get excited about with a legs, cleavage, midriff show – or, put them in a catatonic state with a combination of the above requests, plus a white tank top with no bra. The point is folks there's so many more exciting things she could be doing. Build some kind of forward momentum; otherwise you're just using them perfect legs to stand still.

Source: HawtCeleb


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