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Chloe Moretz keeps the spoils of her strict workout regimen coming

08.22.2016by: No Cool Handle

Does Internet access mean having a world of information at the ready? Does it mean better communication with distant relatives and keeping in touch with good friends? No. Access to the Internet means having Chloe Moretz spandex pictures on tap. The paparazzi's internal clock is now perfectly synchronized with the young actresses workout schedule. They hardly miss a moment when Chloe's tight arse is walking from vehicle to gym and back again. This little dance of to and fro doesn't always yield some ass shots, though. But when it does, you best believe one of the Joblo staffers is going to share. After all, Christopher McCandless said it best: happiness is only real when shared. And I don't know a conscious being not made happy by views of some tight buns in tights; made all the more joyful by the knowledge that said buns belong to Chloe. She's been working so hard to stay fit, it's a wonder why we haven't seen much of her at some bikini destinations this summer season. They'll still be plenty of gym wear pics to keep you satisfied 'till that highly anticipated day comes.v

Source: NS4W


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