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Chloe Moretz is popping up, and popping out, all over the place

09.08.2016by: No Cool Handle

It seems whenever I hit my browser's refresh button, Chloe Moretz is being photographed on a new continent. One minute she's attending the Deauville Film Festival in Northern France (as seen in this previous post), the next, she's on Fifth Avenue in New York for the Cartier Store Reopening. Both appearances called for a plunging neckline and some boob cleft, which Chloe didn't hesitate to provided. A few of these photos even hinted at the possibility of a nip slip – and even though it was on the cusp of happening, unfortunately, it never did. Oh well. As long as her taste for button-down blouses doesn't change, a future wardrobe malfunction is inevitable. I wouldn't put it past her to whip them out on the big screen, either. Don't you get the feeling there's a part of her that's truly eager to let us see more of them? One day you'll log on to your favorite movie site,, and there they'll be, in all their pierced glory.

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