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Chloe Moretz is here for the laughs and the nipple piercings

08.26.2016by: Droz

It would seem magazine parties are nothing but a barrel of laughs, based on the giggles Chloe Moretz and her bud Zoey Deutch were having at this Harper's Bazaar event. These pics remind me of those super annoying Facebook posts your friend makes where everyone is just so goddamn giddy and happy out having their fun together, while you were sitting home alone twiddling your thumbs, wondering what everyone was up to. I'm just kidding. I don't follow anyone on Facebook. But you get the idea.

Perhaps the nipple pierced just have more fun. Chloe's openness to piercings in sensitive places is one of her worst kept secrets. She's revealed this feature of her body in several tight and not completely concealing garments before, though not quite as obviously as she is here. I might have assumed Chloe was not familiar with the nullification of modesty when sheer tops and flash photography are put together, but I'm fairly sure this is common knowledge by now, especially for the famous. No, I think this is just Chloe not giving a f*ck if we see her piercing. I like that attitude.

Source: NSFW


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