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Chloe Moretz is a sexy fashion victim in this month's Glamour UK

08.08.2016by: Droz

I find it kind of funny how these fashion mags keep tapping Chloe Moretz to be their celebrity cover model for the various fashions they hock. She never shows much of an interest in being a fashion-minded person in real life. You see her pretty much anywhere and it's always tights or shorts or sweats. She's nothing at all like the trendy person dressed in high-priced finery they make her up to be in mags like this. I suppose all they really need is a pleasant-looking human mannequin to do their fashion bidding for an issue or two. They don't have to necessarily live the life they reflect in their magazine spread. In which case Chloe is a fine choice.

What's far more important for me with Chloe is that she go back to making the more moody stuff she used to excel at. I'm sure there are plenty who enjoyed her in the NEIGHBORS sequel, but I much prefer her time spent as the mysterious, gritty, dark, and/or unpredictable characters she used to be synonymous with. This whole comedy and Disneyfication thing she's got happening now just isn't gonna cut it.

Source: Glamour


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