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Chloe Moretz gives new meaning to the term 'political intrigue'

06.07.2016by: No Cool Handle

I know Chloe Moretz in a miniskirt and midriff, showing almost every inch of her lovely legs, will be missed by many, specifically those who choose to focus on the Hillary Clinton badge around her neck. Yep, this is the hot young blonde leaving a fundraiser for the soon to be Democratic presidential nominee. What does this mean? – It means we'll probably see comments like: I used to think Chloe Moretz was really hot, but I don't now because she supports that criminal – Trump 2016! Or, 'I never really liked Chloe Moretz and now I know why.' There will also be those whom she'll seem less appealing to because of her political affiliation. This is the current state of our political climate, and why I won't go into anything in regards to how she looks; just a waste of words. And I won't go into my own political point of views because I say vote however it pleases you. Chloe Moretz has my vote for sexiest pair of pins, although, I'm sure the opposition will say Chloe Moretz's pins want to destroy America. Bella Thorne's legs will make America great again!

Source: Got Celeb


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