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Chloe Moretz gives everyone an especially nice film festival opening

09.06.2016by: Droz

While we're talking about film festivals, we might as well get to the events surrounding the Deauville Film Festival, which I must confess to knowing absolutely nothing about. I wasn't even sure where Deauville was before Googling it. Now I'm up-to-date on Northern France's festival for the celebration of film. It makes sense the French repeat themselves with film festivals. They do enjoy the cinematic arts and have a long tradition of excellence in filmmaking. Chloe Moretz's record of excellence isn't anywhere near as long as France's, but she does appear to be getting into the French spirit with her appearance at the opening of the Deauville Film Festival, where Chloe provided a nice little opening of her own. Good ol' Chloe, who wasn't graced with the most ridculously proportioned body, yet still does her very best to show off what she's got whenever she gets the chance. I have yet to find a reason not to accept her offerings there. Chloe might not be packing the kind of T&A others enjoy around here, but that's no reason to reject her efforts in those areas. Her overall goodness more than makes up for what some might think she's missing.

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