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Chloe Moretz doesn't need any coaching on how to look hot

01.18.2017by: Cherry Liquor
When you announce that you're going to be taking a break from acting for awhile and you're Chloe Grace Moretz, you still don't drop off the face of the Earth. While we're not going to be checking out our favorite pint-sized darling as the Little Mermaid anymore, that doesn't mean that she can't check into an ad campaign from time to time and clock some fat bucks. In this photoshoot for the current Coach ads, Chloe looks windblown, relaxed and beautiful, a far cry from the pinched faces she was giving us toward the mid-to-end of last year. Yes, most of her movies underperformed at the box office, leading insiders to start talking shit about her being tainted or whatever, but the fans still love her and we're on board as well. Those eyebrows, that hint of a smirk, it's all good in the Moretz-hood.
Source: InStyle


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