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Chloe Moretz doesn't let any upskirts interrupt her summer reading

09.18.2015by: Droz

It seems Chloe Moretz still hasn't perfected that "getting out of a car in a miniskirt" trick yet. She's young. Give her some time on that. Perhaps the exploits of adolescent psychiatric patients told in her book are simply too engrossing for her to be mindful of the need to make a ladylike exit from her vehicle. That's okay, because it doesn't seem like they're too interested in keeping Chloe ladylike in this NEIGHBORS sequel. The last set pics from this movie had her dressed up like a streetwalker-looking thing in scuzzy dresses and cheap wigs. Now she's some sort of a tiny skirt-wearing sorority rushee. I'll be first to raise his hand in agreement with any proposition that Chloe is a hottie, however I'm not liking how these admittedly out-of-context pics are handling her. I sense a scenario wherein Chloe's character is getting f*cked with by a bunch of sorority bitches looking to humiliate her. I feel like Chloe deserves a modicum of respect, both for her beauty and her talent. I'm not ready to see her humiliated. Unless she's playing someone who deserves humiliation, then I guess it's okay. It's too early to judge how things will unfold there. Anyway, movies like this are just a pretense to the inevitable Hit Girl standalone movie, which I very much want to see happen in the near future.

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