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Chloe Moretz celebrates her turning legal with a fashion show appearance

03.11.2015by: ResidentRiddle64

Well, it's finally happened and two very important things have been confirmed today. The first is Chloe Moretz (is it not Chloe Grace Moretz anymore? Did she lose her grace when she kissed a 23 year old Aaron Taylor-Johnson in a loving manner when she was only, like, 16 in KICK ASS 2?). Chloe has turned 18 quite recently (February 10th, to be exact) and now we can totally write about her, which is awesome. She's always been a very beautiful girl and now that it's only 76% creepy to talk about her like that, the minimum is 75% so we're in the clear, baby. The other thing I realized today is that no matter who we are or what we do in life, we're all getting older and we're going to f*cking die. I remember when she was super young and tiny in (500) DAYS OF SUMMER and now she's an adult who can buy cigarets and buy a car and..sorry. I don't mean to be so bleak. Why be when there are cuties like Chloe hitting up runway shows and looking super awesome and pretty and stuff? Here she is at Louis Vuitton Fashion Show in Paris with a bunch of roosters on her pants. I know, I know. I totally could have said "Here she is at Louis Vuitton Fashion SHow in Paris with a bunch of cocks on her pants. But I have more respect. So there. 

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