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Chloe Moretz almost got hit on by a fast New Yorker

07.20.2015by: Droz

I see people taking the "Grace" out of Chloe Moretz's name now. I guess ditching that middle name, which has for so long been a virtual prerequisite of the child star population, is her way of pointing out that she's no longer a part of that adolescent group. Fair enough. Anyway, Chloe has been filming scenes for her new movie BRAIN ON FIRE recently, a movie which documents a young woman's gradual descent into insanity on the streets of NYC. It seems a part of her mental decline involves walking into traffic and almost getting speed bumped by a NYC cab. Only that's not a NYC cab and they're actually in Vancouver. That's not a part of her character's decline into madness. It's just cheaper to make Vancouver look like Manhattan than it is to actually film in Manhattan. Too bad for those New Yorkers. They missed Chloe looking more lovely than I've ever seen her look before. I suspect she's one of those girls who is most beautiful when she's sullen. Such women are a dilemma for a guy. You want them to be happy, but they're just so damn beautiful when they get all pouty. You really gotta prioritize with them.

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