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Chloe Moretz adds a couple more notches to her magazine cover belt

01.08.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Although there are some who don't find her attractive (I loved the comment on the last Battle of the Babes where someone referred to her looking as if she was always smelling a turd), they're fewer and further between as Chloe Grace Moretz works her way through young adulthood. For January alone, Chloe is featured as the cover model for two magazines, Glamour Mexico and the US version of Marie Claire. While this makes sense due to her latest movie, THE 5TH WAVE being released on the 22nd of this month, I gotta say, the girl certainly photographs tremendously. And I'm cool with her being an unconventional beauty so long as she keeps proving that she can act. Then again, I'm sure there will still be people who judge her harshly on that, despite the fact that she's not even into her 20's and has plenty of time to grow. Just ask Carrie Fisher.


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