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Chloe Goodman's beach booty will up your vim,vigor and vitality

06.01.2016by: No Cool Handle

​Chloe Goodman's perfectly formed arse has become something of a good omen. Not one of biblical proportions, it's just... whenever my morning is greeted by some truly splendid shots of the curvy, former Page 3 model's bitable booty, a brighter day it is - even if it rains. It adds some much needed xp points to my vitality, swagger and stamina; creating the illusion I possess superhuman abilities. In this instance, quadruple xp points were added thanks to the awesome, holy f**k and thank you Lawd angles, captured by a seasoned photographer who was really on his/her game. I'll omit the detailed description - this is one of those scenarios where using a primitive way to communicate (like words), can't fully encapsulate the effect that mountable mound will have on you. I've already wasted precious time; time better spent alone, with nothing but Chloe's hypnotic curves to keep you company.

Source: ns4w


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