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Chloe Goodman wearing a thong is a pretty good Valentine's Day gift

02.14.2017by: No Cool Handle

When writing about British reality TV babes I often refrain from providing detailed information because, really – who gives a shit? The only thing you need to know is how good they look in a bikini or in a topless pictorial. But Chloe Goodman has been featured enough to warrant the slightest bit of background: she appeared on two British reality TV shows called Ex on the Beach and Celebrity Big Brother. There, that's it, that's all you get. This hottie has been generous enough to stage many of these pool-side bikini romps (there's no way the resulting photos were taken by happenstance), to the point I feel it incumbent upon myself to mention something about her other than how nice her ass looks in a thong... it goes. That curvy body of hers keeps fans of beautiful women coming back – a fact I'm sure Chloe Goodman is well aware of – and left wanting more.

Source: lazy girls


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