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Chloe Bennet's ass belongs at the center of the Marvel Universe

04.13.2016by: No Cool Handle

The plot for Marvel movies rarely changes. The hero's trying to find some item or technology that has the power to destroy on a massive level; it's only a matter of which hero is trying to prevent some villain from obtaining it. And why not? It's a proven formula that keeps fan boys coming back for more and they never demand even the slightest deviation from said formula. However, I'm going to take a moment and offer up a new direction for one of the phase 3 movies to take. How about instead of fighting over some ultimate weapon – or ideals, like the trailer for CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR trailer suggests –  our heroes fight over who wins the heart of Chloe Bennett's fine ass? Now there's something worth beating the shit out of each other for. Why this girl is stuck in Agents of Shield instead of having her own movie spin off/franchise being developed around her character is beyond me. This is the first time since DAREDEVIL Marvel can tell a superhero story that is slightly more grounded in reality. Just make her superpower the ability to control men's minds ... with her ass. There's nothing far-fetched about that; she's already inadvertently using her power on me.

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