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Chloe Bennet was legs, shoulders, pokies & adorbs for Kimmel

05.09.2016by: Cherry Liquor
With all of the focus on CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR last week, I was kind of surprised that we didn't hear as much from the Marvel TV universe (I especially missed having copious amounts of Hayley Atwell red carpet pics with that bulging prow of a chest of hers). I tend to only watch the late night talk show hosts when the clips are shared online after the fact, so I was unaware that Chloe Bennet had taken to "Jimmy Kimmel Live" last Thursday night. I love the transition that Chloe goes through, changing from the neo-hippie in the loose blue dress with her shoulders & legs on display to the more professional cream colored pants & halter top (I think that's what that shirt thing is called) with the timid pokies. I just haven't figured out what was going on with the dude walking by her. Is he checking to make sure she doesn't trip? Is he trying to get his fantasy girlfriend moment with the hand on the shoulder? Was it a misguided attempt at "Smell My Finger!"? I don't know, but it's the most amusing thing that came out of her trip there, unless you just really love Britney Spears impressions.  

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(Oh, and here's that Robin Sparkles moment she's referring to.)
Source: Daily Mail


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