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Chloe Bennet is powerfully cute

03.25.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I wish I could think up more to say about Chloe Bennet other than repeating myself ad naseum regarding her being adorable whenever the camera is turned in her direction for promotional stuff like this. Bennet is helping give a cute face to the new mobile game that just launched, Contest of Champions, which features the "Women of Power" from the Marvel universe. How about I ask you who you think could step into the torn garments of She-Hulk? Someone muscular is a plus, although I figure they'd just end up CGIing the whole mess in the end. I suppose Chloe has the good looking brunette thing going for her that might work in that role but she's still too much of a cute, dainty little flower to come off as imposing. And since Gina Carano just came off of DEADPOOL, she might be out of the running, right?
Source: CelebMafia


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