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Chloe Bennet is a braless marvel at the Walking Dead season six premiere event

10.12.2015by: Cherry Liquor
I gave up on "The Walking Dead" sometime mid fourth season, although I recall tuning in for a couple of episodes from season five. I mainly cannot stand having to hear Chris Hardwick's when the promos for "Talking Dead" come on during the show, with his screeching snake oil salesman's voice killing whatever dramatic vibe was going on. Plus, what more can they really do with this show? Apparently the newer episodes have contained actor Austin Nichols, who might think that his claim to fame right now is being on the zombie show but let's get real. Most of you are going to be far more jealous of the fact that he's Chloe Bennet's main squeeze right now. Chloe was showing more skin for the red carpet premiere of TWD's sixth season than she has for any of the recent promos of her own show, "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.," which might mean she cares about her boyfriend's fate on the program known for killing off even those long-running characters you love the most. I'm also probably the weirdest fangirl in that I don't care about spoilers. You could tell me all about what's going down on the show and if I haven't watched it yet, I'll make my own decisions about my feelings on the situation. Kerrrrrazy, right?
Source: Just Jared


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