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Chloe Bennet certainly loves her power to pick up free swag

08.18.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I'm reminded of a joke that Patton Oswalt made about going back and talking to his younger self about the digital age of music and how in the future, he'd be able to have entire libraries on one little device and when his younger self asked if it was expensive, his future self would laugh and explain that no! That they were given away for free at events such as this one Chloe Bennet attended in Los Angeles on Tuesday night. She certainly looks happier than I've seen her for most of these events, where she's typically pouting instead of grinning and pointing at the racks of expensive shit that she's going to take home for free simply because she's young, hot and on television. The only time I've seen anyone happier is when they were able to screen grab the image of Chloe wearing a bikini, bent over in a hot tub, before she forced her boyfriend to delete it. Lucky she didn't break up with him for being a dumb f@ck.

Source: CelebMafia


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