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Cheryl Cole goes fashionista for Giuseppe Zanotti

09.07.2012by: Cherry Liquor
Cheryl Cole stepped out for Giuseppe Zanotti's London-based Fashion's Night Out soiree last night, looking as if she had better things to do than be one of the billion people who showed up to the VMAs instead. I'm such an "Awkward." fan that even though I haven't tuned into the Video Music Awards since Chelsea Handler hosted (and I only stuck around for her opening monologue - and to hear that Rihanna can't sing for shit without all the machines backing her up in the studio when she added to Eminem's opening performance) and prior to that I was young enough to remember surviving off 10 cent packets of Ramen Noodles to make it through to the following payday to be bothered with the unnecessary cost of cable (frankly, fellas... a girl's gotta be able to afford to buy name brand tampons because it's the one thing that we should never, ever cheap out on) . I'd much rather go to a snooty party where there are impossibly thin and beautiful people fawning over how they think the person they're talking to is far skinnier and more fashionable than they are than to be subjected to what most of the current pop stars actually sound like live. Plus, I'm still pissed about having to wait an extra week to watch the "What If" episode of "Awkward." Seeing Beau Mirchoff (#TeamMatty!) over the weekend only made that ache worse. And seeing as how I've had little to actually say about Cheryl in this post that's supposed to be about Cheryl, I'll say this: If I were a dude, this is precisely the woman I would see as marriage material. She has that look to her. In the good, "I'd marry her," way.


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3:38PM on 09/07/2012
Sexy brunette.
Sexy brunette.
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