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Check out this curvy bit of fresh blood named Courtney Tailor

01.22.2016by: No Cool Handle

POW! Now that's a motha f*#king ass right there son. Courtney Tailor showed up to the premier of 'The Boy' filling out a dress in a way very few can. Who the hell is Courtney Tailor – I'll tell you. She's a super curvy, ultra sexy; my god, what wouldn't I give to defile her, model and actress. Maybe I should say aspiring actress, seeing as she only has two credits to her name. But they are both from a Richard Linklater movie... that's a good start. One for Boyhood, and one for – soon to be released – Everybody Wants Some (the highly anticipated companion piece to Dazed and Confused), where she plays Buxom Coed. Sold American! Among the movie premier photos, I scattered a few Instagram shots and pics from a previously posted bit on her. This will ensure a proper introduction to a stellar standout. There are probably still way too many people out there unfamiliar with this fresh face; so like, share and do whatever you can to let the world know she's in high demand.

Source: Got Celeb


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