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Check out Renee Olsteads' huge bust because it's awesome

10.12.2015by: No Cool Handle

You'd think Sherlock Holmes would've been done to death by now. Its long history of adaptations not withstanding;  you need only look at the present to see he's still one of the most famous detectives in history. We have the awesome Sherlock starring Benedict Cumberbatch. 2015's feature film, Holmes, starring Ian McKellen,  the mediocre network take called Elementary, starring Johnny Miller, and now, here comes the play starring David Arquette and Rene Olsteads' tits. If anything can breathe new life into the tales of the brainy detective, it's the presence of this set of spectacular tits; looking as if they can spring from their corset prison at any moment. It would've been nice if this was a more adult version; that's the one way these stories have yet to be told – they've always preserved their all ages status. This seems like it would have been the perfect opportunity to shoehorn in a love triangle subplot between Sherlock and John. In order to keep there lust for this woman from tearing their friendship apart – the logical conclusion Sherlock comes to is –, they each have to take an end. Kind of like the end of Chasing Amy except they actually go through with it

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