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Check out newcomer Hannah Stocking and her hot little burned bikini booty

07.19.2016by: Droz

Hannah Stocking may not be a newcomer in general, but she's certainly so around here. As one of those Instagram phenoms quite common on that site, Hannah has generated quite a lot of attention. You can see why she's so popular in the pics below which capture the fine Scottish lass showing off her perfect ass in the warm rays of a Miami setting sun. Like many of Scottish heritage (your friendly news editor among them), Hannah's fair skin doesn't react well to prolonged exposure to that Miami sun. Thus her little sun burn issue there on those perfect cheeks of hers. Looks like she could use a little soothing topical ointment. Maybe a few spare hands to apply it. How many of you would like to volunteer for that job? Raise your hand.

Source: NSFW


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