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Check out Megan McKenna in sexy swimsuits while on her Miami Beach vacation

04.22.2016by: No Cool Handle

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Megan McKenna, she's an English reality television star whose resume includes some MTV reality series called Ex on the Beach (clever), Big Brother and the show most responsible for churning out British, reality TV hotties, The Only Way Is Essex – you can add bikini babe to that list. She spent the past week soaking up some ultraviolet rays on the southeastern shores we call Miami Beach; the place to go if you want to make damn sure those vacationing days spent running around in swimsuits don't go unnoticed. They have not. And in many of these pics you can tell she's literally posing for the nosy photographer; arching her back; doing that crossover knee thing and bending over. She may be out in the sun, but that's not where she gets the sustenance needed. These sexy Brits need attention to survive and they know just how to get it

Source: NSFWGot Celeb


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