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Charlotte McKinney's sexy DDs work well with her other sexy DDs

03.30.2015by: Droz

Seems the hotties on Dancing With The Stars have come to understand that they're not just competing against one another on stage for that show's goofy judges, but also in the parking lot for folks like you and me who want to check them out in some sexy shit. Thus moments like this one with burger babe Charlotte McKinney rocking the daisy dukes and a tank top that pairs nicely with her pair of double D-cups. Charlotte may not be at the top of the rankings on this show, but she does seem to be DWTS's best sexy parking lot walker this season. Unfortunately those sexy walking skills and huge tits aren't swaying the audience for this show, which is mostly older women with little sympathy for the feelings of perky, young, big titty blondes. Nor are they all that keen on those tits being the focus of so much talk on the show. That all inevitably resulted in a bunch of internet slut shaming from many DWTS fans, which caused Charlotte to break down into tears and rebukes of cyberbulling. Buck up, Charlotte. Everyone's looking to hate somebody on the internet. This time your number came up. Crying about it will only make it worse. Just ignore them and keep showing off your tits.

Source: GotCeleb


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