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Charlotte McKinney's racy bikini show accelerates to plaid

05.09.2016by: Droz

The bikini sightings are coming hot and fast now, so it clearly must be getting close to summer. I friggin' hate summer. All that heat just pisses me off. Although I don't let my contempt get in the way of my ability to recognize the positive aspects of what happens during the summer - namely the arrival of super hot women running around in next to nothing. My enthusiasm for such things goes double, or even quadruple, for women like Charlotte McKinney, who's eagerness to get into the spirit of the season invariably turns into a soft core porn-like experience. She simply cannot avoid flashing tremendous amounts of T&A when she takes her attire down to the minimum like this. Not to suggest this is anything but intentional. Charlotte knows what she's doing and has taken steps to prepare accordingly. Just look at the octopus-like complexity of the knots she's tied in her bikini top strings. That poor thing is working harder than some construction cranes.

Source: NSFW


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