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Charlotte McKinney's rack isn't the only thing capable of getting attention

03.28.2016by: No Cool Handle

For a hottie who appears to have no other talent than: possessing a gargantuan sized set of tits, Charlotte McKinney is extremely apt at pulling ones focus without relying solely on those tits to do so. Perhaps it's because she also walks around on a lovely, fully exposed pair of pins; while the ass may leave you unimpressed, there are a plethora of sexy features that make up this babe-made-famous by burgers and boobs. Take that volumetric head of hair; yellow may not be my (or your) follicle of choice, however, I see no reason to deny that she pulls the whole blonde bombshell thing off with tactile precision - I can almost feel the surface of those tasty thighs, the way you think of satin as smooth. With record high tempurates already in the works, it's safe to assume we'll be endowed with endless pictures of Ms. McKinney in all manner of barely there attire, from string bikinis to booty shorts - like the ones featured here.

Source: Got Celeb


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