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Charlotte McKinney's boobs captured mid bounce while jogging

05.13.2016by: No Cool Handle

While clicking through this collection you may find yourself asking the question: why so many photos? Because even though they perfectly encapsulate everything you'd want from Charlotte McKinney pics, jogging is the kind of activity better suited to video, or at least a Gif. I figured the more enthusiastic of you could use the abundance to make something of a flip book; the desire to see those animated udders bouncing may actually push you to attempt such a thing. If only the photographer had the good judgement to whip out a smart phone and get some footage. Oh well. These are still pretty awesome and the quality is damn good. No intrusive motion blur, even when those bags were captured mid bounce. There's also a few laughs to be had. Check out the guy behind her who's head is on a swivel and mouth is agape. He experienced this moment in a way that trumps even video, the lucky bastard.

Source: ns4w


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