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Charlotte McKinney works a plain white T & jeans like no other

08.12.2016by: Cherry Liquor
It's possible that Charlotte McKinney looks hotter when clothed. While everyone loves an unobstructed view of her famously full chest, I can't help but appreciate just how amazing Charlotte makes a plain white t-shirt and skinny jeans look while strolling about Malibu with a buddy. McKinney has gained a lot of fame based on her breasts but those long legs of hers definitely need to be a leading co-star to her fame, the way they go all the way up to her ass like that. I even dig her adorable little chipmunk overbite, something that she's talked about being teased over. And I most certainly applaud how hard she works, putting in the hours with small roles while she tries to get her foot into a pool other than the bikini model zone. It seems to be paying off too, with 3 new movie roles on her upcoming horizon, including the remake of 1990's FLATLINERS.
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