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Charlotte McKinney wants to drive your car in a racy new shoot for Maxim

02.08.2017by: Cherry Liquor
While everyone is still busy complaining about Playboy going nudity-free (I mean, if you really want to talk about ruining people's childhoods, start there...), it seems as if Maxim is re-upping its game when it comes to featuring some of the hottest women out there in the least amount of clothing that they can get away with. While it's not the full monty shot that we got of her for photographer Tony Kelly, Charlotte McKinney is still looking dangerously hot for this new shoot she did with Maxim's online offerings. The lovely blonde is posed all over a Ferrari with various bits and pieces hanging out, going for more than just the smushed topless boobs-on-windshield shots and giving us a great bottomless moment as well. I really hand it to McKinney, who is working every last angle available to her in order to move past being just a model and all of that diligence is paying off with more movie roles - the lady has roles in 5 movies this year, from BAYWATCH to the new FLATLINERS. I can't wait for more.
Source: Celebrity Hive


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