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Charlotte McKinney tries being a domestic goddess for her new Guess spread

07.20.2016by: Droz

I'm not sure I'm buying Charlotte McKinney playing housewife in her new Guess spread. For one thing, few housewives will ever look like Charlotte. This is the kind of body one has when one is actively building for themselves a career as a high ticket model. It's not the sort of bod possessed by toilet scrubbers or coffee makers. But it is a nice little fantasy. One day someone probably will snag Charlotte as a bride. Imagine what their pool parties would be like. There's Charlotte in her best bikini with the tits poppin', diving into the cool water. You look around and every guy stands there drooling. We talk about man caves and all the grown up toys guys love, like cars or boats or whatever. But the real prize is getting a hottie like Charlotte all to yourself. There are no better bragging rights than a coup like that.

Speaking of Charlotte's spreads, here's my new favorite Charlotte spread.

Charlotte McKinney Spread

Source: Guess


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