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Charlotte McKinney takes her udders to Rihanna's shindig

09.14.2015by: No Cool Handle

It's easy to hate on Charlotte McKinney. It's easy to hate on anybody who can amass money and notoriety just for having big tits. The problem is those are very, very big tits and she is accommodating when it comes to putting them on full display. I think for now I can keep at bay my bitter disdain for her unearned celebrity status to appreciate the only two reasons she was able to achieve it. If you really can't stand her, take solace in knowing it usually doesn't take tits that big to give way to gravity; her greatest strength will become her greatest weakness. Then all that's left will be memories of a perkier time -- like the high school quarterback who spends four hours of every day remembering when he had people's attention. And scantily clad photos like these, in attendance to Rihanna's orgy, Seriously when you look at the women posing with her, and think of the wall-to-wall hormones filling up those rooms; that party must smell like the Bounty Hunter fishing boat on National Geographic's Wicked Tuna.

Source: hawtcelebs


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