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Charlotte McKinney shows off her two best features yet again

03.18.2015by: Droz

Charlotte McKinney has come about as close as she ever has to getting full on topless with these pics for something called Buffalo Jeans. They do seem to enforce the notion that Charlotte earns her next in line to Kate Upton status honest. They've been quietly pushing that perspective on us ever since the Super Bowl commercial and even before. From the neck down I might be willing to go along with that. She's got the tits, but she's missing that cute, innocent yet naughty vibe Kate mastered right from the start. Kate pretty much opened the door to somewhat more thickly built, big titty hotties doing modelling gigs more often reserved for skinnier and flatter women. That's allowed Charlotte to essentially ride Kate's coattails, which is where a lot the comparisons come from. Anyway, I suspect that door Kate opened is a revolving one, which means it could easily close someday. That makes me doubt whether Charlotte has the time or the goods necessary to rival Kate's success. However, if Charlotte wants to take out her huge rack while there are still some folks interested in filming her do so, I'm the last guy who would discourage her.

Source: Gceleb


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