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Charlotte McKinney puts some of her clothes back on for a new photo spread

01.27.2017by: Droz

Charlotte McKinney's interview in the new Ocean Drive magazine goes into a bit of her past. Seems the busty model phenom left school at 17, due to severe dyslexia issues as well as constant bullying from jealous girls who envied her early titty growths. I knew girls like Charlotte in school. They weren't hard to spot. Young girls with huge racks in junior high tend to garner a lot of attention. Unfortunately Charlotte seems to have gone to school with a lot of assholes. That's another thing I can totally relate to. Whatever those early days might have been like, things have clearly worked out well for her so far. But it seems Charlotte still wants more respect, which is why she's endeavoring on an acting career.

I don't want to make this point too hard and sound like just another bully, but if Charlotte wants respect it's better to stick with what she's been doing. Unless there's some inner Meryl Streep waiting to come out of her, I have to think any move into acting is going to go about as well as similar moves by similar models who preceded Charlotte. I'm not saying she has to keep cramming burgers in her face. I just feel like one should stick with one's strengths. There's a reason mother nature gave Charlotte those tits at 14, while simultaneously making it hard for her to read. I'm pretty sure those reasons didn't have anything to do with her conquering Hollywood.

Source: Ocean Drive


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