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Charlotte McKinney pumping anything is sexy... even gas

05.24.2016by: No Cool Handle

An incredibly sexy piece of trim like Charlotte McKinney inserting a nozzle into any opening is the kind of image comedies used to use as cut-aways when characters would start engaging in "the deed." Remember? Sitcoms couldn't actually show the goings-on so they cut to a montage of suggestive clips, such as: rockets taking off, flowers blooming, jackhammers breaking concrete and oil derricks pumping the ground. Where am I going with this? – nowhere, really. I'm just saying. And like my little anecdote, there's nothing really going on in these pics besides Charlotte McKinney pumping gas after an afternoon of pumping iron. That doesn't mean they're useless. That tight, tiny ass of hers is tucked into a form hugging pair of spandex pants, and her equally tight tummy is on display... so there is that.

Source: Got Celeb


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