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Charlotte McKinney needs more boob shirts

01.28.2016by: Droz

Not even Charlotte McKinney can resist the clarion call of consumerism, which drives so many women to their local department store to satiate their need for expensive clothing and accessories. Be thankful she's so predisposed to such quests. How else is she supposed to get all the titty show tops she's dedicated herself to wearing no matter where she goes or what she's doing? Many a bonerific display of Charlotte boobies has begun with a trip to the store like the one she engaged in the other day. I just wonder what kind of revealing attire she managed to uncover in there. And how long before we get to see how it looks on her? We'll just have to wait on that. Of course, we all know that Charlotte is best when she's wearing next to nothing. That you can see right now in the pages of GQ Mexico:

Charlotte McKinney GQ Mexico 2016

Source: NSFW


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