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Charlotte McKinney lets her tank top do all the heavy lifting

08.25.2016by: No Cool Handle

We may as well call today "tits in tank tops," day. Christina Milian, Jessica Alba, and Charlotte McKinney: three renowned hotties, three sets of photos and three sets of attention grabbing chests in a row; and all before supper time. (Oh, what a day, what a lovely, lovely day!) And, as with Jessica Alba's contribution, Charlotte McKinney's nips were well defined and captured for public consumption. Unlike Alba, however, Charlotte went fully unsupported, leaving every one of her oppressive undergarments tucked away in the dresser drawer. I think hotties like Miss McKinney and Rihanna and anyone who chooses liberation over confinement are doing the Lord's work. After all, if God wanted women to wear bras, he would've made them look so appealing when they flap around.

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