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Charlotte Mckinney kicks it up a notch for Daybook shoot

06.01.2016by: No Cool Handle

​Day books are simple journals that are used to record daily events as they occur. Books of this type provide a daily written document that normally includes details such as the date, time of day, and the basic data regarding the event.

Thanks to for filling me in. Let me return the favor by filling you in on what photographers like Tony Duran use them for: As a simple, but effective, excuse to photograph busty blondes like Charlotte McKinney in a state of undress. Shoots of this type provide detailed images that normally include naughty bits such as the ass, tits, or the entire female form unclothed. Perhaps you can add that description as another one of the many uses for a Day book. I have no idea when this shoot took place. All they say is 2016, and I don't recall ever seeing them before today. There's no way I would forget a buck naked set of awesome images like these, especially when it's McKinney who disrobed for them. Tantalizing, flesy pics abound - we find our favorite pair of tits in a variety of eye popping depictions... look they're hot, alright. See for yourself.

Source: Tony Duran


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