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Charlotte McKinney is your official girl of summer

07.06.2015by: Droz

Charlotte McKinney continues to be the new big titty blonde phenom, taking on that mantle from so many a stacked hottie who came before her. Next in line to recognize Charlotte's new status is GQ, which has named her their Girl of Summer for 2015. Not a bad choice. She's got the look and we all know damn well by now what she can do with a bikini, or less like she is here. I just wish she didn't seem to be doing the same silly thing her predecessor Kate Upton was up to during her whole time as spank material - namely insisting on not letting those massive tits come out completely. What the hell is that? Multi-millionaire supermodels and pop stars are getting totally naked for photographers and slapping that shit all over the web. Yet Charlotte, the one woman you would expect to get naked, wont pull the trigger there. Clearly the world went inside out at some point. See the way I thought it worked was that hotties got naked a lot as they struggled to make it to the top. Then, once they've made it, they can go ahead and tuck the T&A away for good. But apparently now it's the other way around. Strange days we're living in.

Source: GQ


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