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Charlotte McKinney has a couple of things you should GoSee

03.08.2016by: Cherry Liquor
There is no stopping the Charlotte McKinney big boob express lately. Whether she's casually working out on the beach or just posing on one for a random, no-name online magazine like GoSee, Charlotte definitely has her toe dipped deep in the water of goods showing. After watching her in the JOE DIRT sequel, I can't say that she's a good or bad actress (come on, it was the JOE DIRT sequel and while I have a weird weakness for the original and - I'll admit it, bits and pieces of the follow-up - it's not as if she had some thick thespian work cut out in that), I will say that Charlotte has her way with working the camera. She's also got some lofty career goals and I'm not one to piss on anyone's dreams, so I'm keeping an open (and boob enthusiast) mind. Next up on her IMDB resume is something called LATE BLOOMER with Brittany Snow and JK Simmons, but with a role simply referred to as "Patient," she might want to keep those modeling gigs on the burner.
Source: GoSee


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