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Charlotte Mckinney gets the last laugh with a killer bikini show in Miami

02.20.2017by: Cherry Liquor
Sports Illustrated must be kicking themselves right now after checking out Charlotte McKinney's extended bikini weekend in Miami. While the magazine has touted the fact that Charlotte was a part of their model casting call for 2016, she didn't make the cut last year or this one, a goofy decision when you can see just how well this lady fills out a two-piece. If it's because they had to decide between which naturally large chested blonde with a relatively flat ass to choose from and that the quota sat at the ridiculous number of one, Kate Upton clearly pushed McKinney out of the way, if only because she has a much sweeter face. Upton looks like the preacher's daughter with a naughty body whereas Charlotte is the trailer trash chick whose body bought her a ticket out of a future of food stamps and multiple baby daddy's. Give me the dirty girl any day.
Source: Daily Mail


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