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Charlotte McKinney gets cheeky with her good jeans

05.16.2016by: Droz

Charlotte McKinney switched things up from her normal routine while out and about the other day. Normally it's all about the titty shows with her, but on this day the bulging supermodel seemed to think her ass deserved some attention for a change. It's a testament to the massiveness of her rack that even a baggy shirt like the one she's wearing here, still can't conceal just how stacked as hell she is. But she's right, the rest of her isn't given the attention it deserves. Girl has got an all around great body.

Charlotte McKinney Body

One curious aspect of Charlotte's bod is who's currently having their way with it. Charlotte has been hanging around a lot with David Spade, who is the guy she's hugging in the gallery below. That makes me raise an eyebrow. As one of the more inexplicably effective cooze hound's of the celebrity world, I find it difficult to believe his intentions are strictly friendly here. I'm sure Dave is working out how to slide in there somehow. I can't blame him for that. Everybody is thinking about how to slide into Charlotte.

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