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Charlotte McKinney forgot how coats get in the way of boob shows

01.13.2017by: Droz

I can see how the celebs in LA might be confused about what's going on with the weather there right now. See they're actually having weather, which is a new thing for them. Normally it's sun, and sun, and more sun, and then some sun. Now they've got to wear an outer layer of clothes, designed to keep the precipitation off the inner layer. This just totally throws hotties like Charlotte McKinney off her "look at my tits" game. Fortunately she figured it out before the paps got bored and went home. She also discovered that taking off her strange coat thing in a slow, steady way so as to make the titties emerge gradually, carries with it a certain hotness all its own. Good thing Charlotte is getting the hand of this, as they've got more occasional moments of light precipitation in store. But don't worry, LA people. The sun hasn't gone away. Those are just clouds. They'll pass soon.

Source: NSFW


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